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  1. Hey guys, im lost on how to make a signature, like people have that shop sign saying 'im listed-Res:____' and recently i made one of those but i dont have a clue how to pu it on your posts and stuff :mad: some1 please help!
  2. Click your name at the top of the website. Click edit signature. Simples. :)
  3. yer i know that far, but how do you put ads! like yours is JackBigginEMCWIKIGlobalAdmin... how you do dat :/
  4. and i want the shop one
  5. You make it in a program like photoshop, paint, or gimp.
  6. Mine is exclusive to wiki staff and contributors :)

    For the achievement style signature, use
  7. but, the shop one is like a website and you list whats in your shop.....
  8. Go to
  9. Http://
    Edit: mtp beat me :p
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  10. yer i made one, but how do you put it on your signature?
  11. Copy and paste the Forum BB code.
    1. Go to the link Jack has posted.
    2. When you've completed it, go to the signature link by your name on here.
    3. In the little textbox there is a picture of a tree.
    4. Post the link you were given at in this spot.
    5. Press insert.
    6. ???
    7. Profit. :p
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  12. Someone actually used a CAPITAL J! :D *likes*
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  13. YAY, thx guys, now i have a signature :p
  14. g2g school, be back on in like 9hrs, bye bye
  15. Of course! I'm always proper :D
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