[Signature Help] Animation

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  1. I made a animation how do I make it my signature? Some help please!! If you need the signature please say

    Got It Working!!

    Here it is!!

    Clock tower hotel ad.gif
  2. So no one will help icle old me :/
  3. Try asking LZ_BW for the instructions :D
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  4. thats his name thanks :p
  5. Is that his full name?
  6. Sorry its LZBZ_DW
  7. Save the animation as a gif. Then just put it in your signature like you would any other image.
    What format is the animation currently in?
  8. .SWF but i did .GIF and this happens:

    Clock tower hotel ad.gif

    Im checking flash now just to see
  9. Whats that suppose to be xD
  10. Could you make that signature of u that animated thing in Highbuddy? For free? or for 500R?
  11. This:

    Clock tower hotel ad.gif
  12. Full thing :p