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  1. I made a banner for my signature, and i uploaded it to imgur and everything but it shows a broken picture :( any help/suggestions?
    the imgur link is:
    also i will attach the file just in case. imbobertrobertbanner1.png
    really late EDIT: aww crap i should have put a giant gun sticking out next to me :p
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  2. Can't help you, but it looks great.
  3. Its amazing. You make it yourself?
  4. lol thanks just a few minutes carefully cropping in photoshop, raging at photoshop for being annoying, then raging at imgur :D
    lol yeah ;) hardest part was putting on the whole getup but that was last year for halloween :p
  5. Cuold you make me a pig one? I will pay a small fee... :)
  6. You did a good job on it! Have you tried copying and pasting it into your sig?
  7. lol im not actually that good but i could try free of charge :p
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  8. yes, but that didnt work. it never actually showed up.
  9. Then it might be too big?
  10. well i was looking on another post on the forums and they said that its just a glitch with the sig editor. although somebody posted a link to some website for the picture part :( i also did it the size that one of justin's post was, which is 800x300. pretty big banner.
  11. What program do you use?
  12. photoshop cs3. if you need it i can supply the photoshop file for it.
  13. i would say bump, but that would be stupid.
    anybody have any other suggestions?
  14. When you click "Insert Image into Signature" you have to add a .jpg on the end of the URL. :)

    You're trying to add the Imgur page with the photo, but you have to click the photo before getting the URL.
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  15. >
    >Direct link for layous(or just use the one that already is in "IMG" brackets)
    >Copy pasta

    Make sure your file is not a PSD(Standad Photoshop File)! Make sure its a, Joint Photographics Experts Group, BKA JPEG.
  16. wonder if it worked... it looked like it did in the editor but im not sure...
  17. sorry i didnt try yours but thanks for responding! it does work now!
    i guess a mod can lock the thread now.
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  18. It works :)
  19. *quitting thread because not understanding a word of it*