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  1. ok so i know all the sign stuff; &1 = Blue &4 = Red etc etc,
    but i need help on something else;
    someone said that you can put a command (or other) on a sign to make it say the name of a player who goes near it. is it done: -playername- ?. not sure.
    Theres also a rumor u can underline and make writing bold on signs.

    funny picture.jpg
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  2. Read the guide. The colors and everthing is there.
    you might be thinking of costom res entering messages. In which case you must get gold/diamond supporter.
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  3. If you read through THIS and THIS you should get your answer.
  4. I don't think there's a command to place on a sign to say the nearest player's name. Perhaps this was mistaken for the command block that is in the snapshot?

    As for the underline, bold effects on signs, you can find them on the wiki.
    Just note that instead of the section(§) sign, use the "&" sign instead. The section sign is used in book and quills to make coloured, bold, underlined, italic and striked text(s).
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  5. actually section is the official way to do everything.

    We simply replace & with the section sign to make it easier for players to type.

    Using section on the sign will also still work, just not as convenient to type....
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  6. Yeah this is really simple although the sign command would be cool :D

    oh and can you give me a command block when it comes out. You know you want to :p
  7. Can you learn not to be off topic please? You know we all want you to.
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  8. sorry didn't have time to do full post ;)
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  9. ok u got the underlined and bold part. THX. but i still cant find how to do the other one.
  10. umm... ive seen custom res entering messages say my name before... how does that work?
  11. ok... not saying im a noob but... what exactly is the "section sign" isn't it '&'
  12. Custom res enter messages are a supporter perk.
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  13. Maybe your imagining things? We all get a little tired sometimes...
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  14. Res messages can be customised to say each player's name actually.
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  15. Well actually I know that :D... Thanks though. I'm not a noob.