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How are my prices?

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  1. Residence #2432, dedicated to its customers.
    Take advantage of the lowest prices now!
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  2. Can you tell us something about your shop.
  3. Some of the things I sell include:
    16 wooden planks for 1 rupee
    4 logs for 1 rupee
    4 eggs for 1 rupee
    16 saplings for 1 rupee (often out of stock)
    4 red apples for 1 rupee
    16 oak leaves for 1 rupee
    8 cobblestone for 1 rupee (often out of stock, until i build a more efficient cobblestone generator with camdenmil's help)
    4 mushroom soup for 1 rupee
    4 glass blocks for 1 rupee (often out of stock, i go out and get sand every now and then)

    I will no longer sell storage, due to lack of success and to support my friend pilotcat 's storage center, assuming he builds it (I hope he does).
    I do provide some services, assuming that I have enough supplies for each.
  4. Store has officially closed down, 2/11/2012. Will open after a long time...