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  1. Sooo hello every1... the thing is, i m sick, i feel like i could puke anytime and im dizzy too, my father havent yet woke up and i bet he s just gonna send me to school... what should i do? im late for m bus too
  2. Well, I normally never complain about being sick unless I am vomiting really bad or am really sick. I will go to school normally when ill unless i am terribly sick. I would just tell your father that you really not feel well, since that is no condition to go to school in. If you stay home I would stay and play EMC all day ;)
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  3. wish i could... as soon as i d say i cant go to school hed immediatel y blame the internet...
  4. you should go to school
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  5. get a bucket or something in case you throw up, and then go. :p school is important, don't miss it unless you have to.
  6. thats the other thing...this week i already threw up on my way back home and in school too
  7. If you get sick in school, you could have a counselor, or person in the office call home for you and tell your parent (contact guardian) and say you're sick for you... your dad would prob believe them.
  8. they d either let me go home by myself or keep me in till the classes end :/
  9. idk - just go tell your dad now then, nudge him awake - or lightly call his name ...and tell him you're feeling sick
  10. wouldnt go wel with my luck... but thx