Sick castle by d1223m on smp3

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  1. Stumbled across this on smp3 today. Everyone is encouraged to visit it and walk around, it is really nice.

    Remember anyone can post things like this in the Community Creations forum, I try to do one every now and then :)

    Builder: d1223m
    Server: smp3
    Address: 6033

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  2. The color coding for the store was also a great setup!

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  3. Why do you only stumble upon House Contest Winners? :p


    800th post!!!!! :D
  4. Lol for real this was a contest winner? Honestly I was just /v random 'ing and found this.... I even checked to see if it was posted yet in Community Creations but I didn't think to check the contest results haha.
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  5. Well... He has the Second-Place signature thing.

    Did you happen to see his basement? It is also very nice. :)
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  6. Ahh no i missed that!
  7. Then go back!
  8. Nice everything you have there...SSSSSSSSssssss