Siberia - New Outpost / Community (ESTABLISHED)

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  1. Oighear - Ice Outpost - SMP5

    The location is on an ice plains. However, there is prairie, jungle (with witch hut), forests and desert nearby.

    We are looking for a small handful of people to help build out the main part of the part of the community. There is a substantial amount to go, and it is a bit much for just two people to handle (myself and my wife).

    We are going for a medieval/rustic look and so far have an inn/tavern, watch tower, huge section of docks, a mini warehouse, the beginnings (first floor) of a mob grinder, and stables (being worked on now). There is a very specific building style we are looking for in the main area. However, outside of that anything can go.

    What else we want to build in the main centre:
    - Full huge Castle
    - expand the docks
    - iron farm
    - witch farm (witch hut very nearby)
    - Another watch tower or a giant statue on a nearby island
    - Tree Farm
    - Build XP farm (have triple spider spawner)
    - Create a Nether hub/Nether rail to the main spawn area
    - Anything else you might think of that fits the theme
    - Build Blaze Farm (have double blaze spawner)

    If you decide to join, you can claim any two horses in the stables, have your own room in the inn/tavern or watch tower or stables (first come first server) until we build your own residence, and access to the community warehouse for any community builds.

    If you join, it is expected to work on community projects as well as your own residences.

    We are not posting coordinates, we really do not want people to just randomly show up, please either PM me on here or in game. Also, if you don't want to join the community itself, but like the work, any donations would be appreciated!! Gathering all the mats needed for these HUGE builds is a giant pain in the posterior.

    Will post screenshots of the area at a later time or in the "Share your EMC creations" thread and include links here!

  2. What server is this located on? Just curious.
  3. If you want to see the progress of the builds, check out the link to the thread on the forums HERE
  4. Got the Infinite Villager Farm up and running.
  5. Just an update, working on the Castle/Centre of the outpost now. Did discover two slime chunks directly underneath the centre of the base. Just need to mine it out, light up surrounding caves and set up the automation.

    We are still looking for more people! If you are interested please let us know!
  6. We are still looking for a handful of people.
  7. Farm time!

    So added a few farms to the outpost!