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  1. Alright, this version of the my youtube thread is the updated one. It was out of date.

    Hello guys!

    I now have a youtube channel Called ShyguytheGamer1. Recently, I just got a Blue Yeti, to add commentary on top of all 100+ Videos. I even do more gaming videos with my sister, soundlessvoice. I also recently got ALL of adobe for FREE. So soon I will be using adobe premiere pro. Let's get to the goods. I play games, varying from CS:GO, to Minecraft, to TF2. Those are the main ones I played, and there are many many more. I now use commentary to make it more engaging (though my voice is annoying as hell). Now how about my week long absence? I had finals to do, so I needed to put most of my attention on those. BUT on June 22nd, I am coming back!


    Youtube Channel:

    Other Channel:

    Upload schedule:

    Blue Yeti: Blue Microphones - Products - Yeti


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  2. I subbed
  3. Bump, switched back to lightworks instead of filmora :)
  4. I sub'd on my account I am going to start doing my videos on :D
  5. I can make you an intro for free if you need one :) Just text no logos.
  6. Bump
    I will have to decline on this one because what I plan to use for my intro has to have a shyguythegamer1 logo with it, sorry :(
  7. What's your logo?
  8. <---
  9. Hi I'm not an expert on this subject but if you have windows 10 I would recommend trying the inbuilt game panel because you can record sound and video on that but I'm not too sure I haven't really used it et :p but I thought that this might be a bit helpful! :)
  10. lol, no
  11. If i was being noobie sorry i told you i am not a expert lol
  12. I use Bandicam for recording, Bandicut for joining clips, and Lightworks for editing :p
  13. How do you want that in your intro?
  14. I got imaginations and delusions, leave me alone ;-;
  15. Well I was thinking of getting the pro version of bandicam and bandicut, but I might try windows 10 game recorder for the only game I can play with it, Minecraft :p

    Was actually thinking of using Windows 10 Game Recorder for Minecraft only and use Bandicam for other games and then edit it through Lightworks.