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  1. Hi, I'm wondering if there is an option somewhere in the files of MC where you can shut firework sounds off. Because I have a nearby res who has their fireworks on constantly and I am very mad about it I do have to shut my sound off but I shouldn't be forced to play my game without sound just because. I should be able to play my game with sound if I wish and without if I wish too. also the res is violating the rules in aikar's thread about the fireworks. So please if you have any advice on how to shut off fireworks sounds, please let me know as soon as possible, Thank you.
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  2. You should be able to go into where the sounds are stored, and delete the sound file.
  3. In the post about the fireworks update, Aikar says the following:
    I imagine you could ask a mod to take action into this matter.

  4. I have 3 times already and it seems they do go and shut it off or something but again they get turned on and I'm already frustrated about the situation. I wish Aikar never made infinite fireworks at all. first time they went on for 5 days aprox. 2nd time for 3 days and this time I don't know how long they will go, its the 2nd day and they are still going right about now.
  5. It's only a matter of time before this kid gets banned.
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  6. Do what I've taken to recently, living at bedrock :p
    I hope something can be done about this though :) Look after SMP2 for me while my laptops down :p
  7. Have you tried direct contact with that residence owner?
    If you did and it didn't work as well, just report him and contact a mod again, 24/7 fireworks are against the rules anyway.
  8. Report the player again, or feel free to send me a PM....

    Thanks for not posting the players name here :D
  9. Someone on SMP9 has fireworks 24/7 and it gets really laggy when I passed over that res. (Idk res #, I was just walking aimlessly on the road)
  10. Again, report them or alert one of us. If they have been warned, kicked, or banned in the past we will deal with them.
  11. I wouldn't post player names here since its not a report. I was just looking for a solution around the problem. besides that is what reports are for anyways :D also Thank you for your reply and concern :)

    I can't make my town that deep :eek: it will take me a long time to move my mini town down there :(.
    I will take care of SMP2 for you :p but return soon <3 :D

    I Can't contact him. he is offline when I'm online. I Don't know why, but that is how it is. like right now he is offline and those dang fireworks are running.
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  12. I'd PM the senior staff about that tbh - Aikar asked everyone to not leave fireworks running when they're offline or, in his words "action will be taken" (as you already know :p)
  13. man this makes me feel bad when i light a single rocket...
    i dont really play with sounds, and smp8 is pretty quiet usually, so i don't notice it really since i never leave my lot anyways.
  14. Well the fireworks are off now SMP2 helped solve the problem: Kevdudeman, ItsMeMatheus and Moderator: Bob23646 Thank you all mentioned for your help :D its nice to be able to not hear those fireworks anymore <3:D

    Thank's everyone who replied to the thread. I'm very grateful as it also helped <3
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