shrink prices for arena products

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  1. well the server is very expensive to run then why sell powerful stuff for tens of thousands of rupees when it's only once a month like that's Bull Crap here's some reasons.:mad:

    1. Very Expensive server and monthly fights don't match
    2.only rich kids will be the ones that buy them which are OP
    3.only supporters are likely to have that much

    Lower the prices now!!!:mad::mad::mad:
  2. What? WitherDoggie and Penguin's replies helped me understand.

    How is the server expensive? Those items at /pvp are empire shop prices. If you go to /shop, it will say those items are intentionally overpriced. I also, don't understand what you say about once a month.

    No rich kids buy from the Empire Shop. It is a waste of money. A fool and his money don't last long. Also, those items are so bad, not OP at all.

    Not really. The most money I've ever had happened when I was not a supporter.
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  3. You can make your own items for less than what they cost in the pvp and mob arena shops. This is (most likely) to encourage players to bring their own items.

    For your third point, there are many non-supporters that have millions of rupees.

    As for your first point, I have no idea what you're trying to say. :confused:
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