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  1. Yukon1200 and I have begun a long-term project (another one). We are building a series of temples dotted across the wilds of all the servers, dedicated to the deities of Minecraft.

    If you happen to find one of these temples, burn a piece of meat in offering to the deity marked on the temple for good luck relating to that deity.

    Please keep the temples in good condition. Any destruction of the temples will likely result in angering the deity and bad luck relating to the deity.

    The first temple is located near a road leading away from smp1 wild spawn. Happy hunting!
  2. I will help

    With anything
  3. Its the deity to digging *HINT HINT* ;)
  4. Notch and jeb are minevraft gods
  5. these are not gods. these are the deities. we may do larger temples to notch, jeb, and mojang in general. but for now, only deities I've made up XD
  6. sry ment deities but i was on my nook.... no spell check
  7. I love the fact that you are on the forums with your NOOK hhahahahaha
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  8. Can I help?
  9. Yep right now im on :)
  10. Ah so that's what I saw y'all working on. I guess I know where it is then :p
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  11. This is off topic but nice sig
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  12. O.O you saw nothing... haha
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  13. A "god" of minecraft is justin guy and jeremy