Shovel Junk [Wild Community]

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  1. Description
    Shovel Junk is a wilderness community based on smp2. It is yet to be built properly, but the community can help that.

    What needs to be done?
    I need a community to help build the buildings, I need a community to build their own attractive houses, and I need thread/website admins.

    How do I join?
    You sign up on the website ;)

    What is the website?
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    (If the website is down please try again later)

    Extra links:
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  2. I've ran into some technical difficulties with the site :s Will try and get the site back up as soon as possible, but for right now, is anybody interested in joining? :D

    Edit: It isn't a problem on my side, its on enjin's side. I think it's down for maintenance.

    Also, i've decided to make a temporary application here on the forums. Just until enjin is back up.

    To apply fill out this form:
    How long have you been on EMC:

    Have you ever been banned on EMC, if so, what for:
  3. How long have you been on EMC: Close to 200 days.

    Have you ever been banned on EMC, if so, what for: I have been ban twice for spamming/caps

    I cant currently play EMC, and I will only visit, since my home smp is smp2, I can help build houses and give supplies. I can probably come to the outpost sometime this week since my computer should be fixed this week.
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  4. You're accepted. I just need enjin back up and then you can fill out the form there, and i'll accept you.

    Also, anybody looking to be a group admin, we all have a private chat on the website :)
  5. Not sure I can fill out a application now on my iPad, maybe later in the week.

  6. People just use -snip- when a quote could take up half the post :p
    Also, my dad got an iPad this week. They're actually pretty neat :D I hope I get my iPhone 4S for christmas. I wanted it for my birthday but then my parents were all like 'No way'. And then I wanted a new computer and they were like 'sure'. I ended up changing my mind and getting 2 new pets.
  7. Enjin is back online! :) Application sendings from this thread are now closed. Sign up on the website!
  8. How long have you been on EMC: 237.

    Have you ever been banned on EMC, if so, what for: Nope.
  9. A word of advice about Enjin with Minecraft: force people to verify their Minecraft account and use that as the display name on the site. It can be a little bit of a pest, but can save trouble in the long run.
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  10. Well my iPad is a iPad 1 so it's pretty old and slow, I have a iPhone 4S :D
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  11. That would be ironic considering my enjin name is cocoa the panda :p I'll do that in the morning.
  12. Found a location on the live map i'm going to be using. I'll travel there tomorrow and send the co-ords to people in a pm.
  13. Haha :p If you help setting anything Enjin'y up, feed free to ask me for a hand. :)
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  14. Anybody else willing to join?
  15. I'm sorry, but due to problems we've had, we do not allow linking to outside community websites.
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  16. D: Wait...but LLO have done it?
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  17. If they are shown to us, we will ask they also remove the links on the forums to them.
  18. I got rid of mine ;)
  19. So can I come to the outpost?
  20. Haven't even started yet and i'm completely unmotivated :p