Shoutout to the staff!

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  1. So I've been with EMC for a while now and I feel the need to point something out.
    The staff is AMAZING. Like really, they're probably the best staff of people I will ever have the pleasure of dealing with in my life. I want them to know that they are apprieciated and are absolutely loved! So leave your stories or shoutous below because I know you guys love the staff as much as I do! :D
  2. Yes, I love the staff too. Even though they have a real life they still have time to listen to all of our concerns. Thank you staff!
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  3. No stories yet?
  4. C'mon guys! I wanna hear why you guys love the staff! :)
  5. I love our staff because I chose them, so I am biased. :)
  6. Biased Icecream.... yum my favorite flavor.
  7. The staff is amazing, I strongly agree, whenever I have problems they have replied super fast.

    Well you did a good job picking them! :)
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  8. the staff are gods
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  9. Lets not get too ahead of ourselves here. They are great what they do not gods though.
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  10. I've always had great dealings with the staff here :)
    I know for a fact that my residence's would not be what they are now without the support of Staff members both current and past.
    Long may the empire continue to flourish under their guidance.
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  11. Yeah... not gods... but great!
  12. Though I do not really know the staff, their extra time and effort to keep this server what it is today makes me smile. As even though there is a plague of people quitting, spamming, trolling, and greifing, this server still very successful. I have no stories, yet, but all I can say is, they're the best.
  13. i remember this time, when a mod was on a server, and this guy was like "ya soz iz grifd dos gos hus, and hu wuz lk OMG NO!" and then he was banned.
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  14. Here is a little formula on how the staff are:

    Staff = Awesomeness a day/Problems staff can't solve = 1,000,000/1 = 1,000,000 Aad/pscs
  15. I don't like the staff members at EMC.
  16. Skaia Requests zSlumDog to explain. :eek:
  17. Because I LOVE them.
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  18. Oh slum what are we going to do with you ;)..

    My experience with the staff= Absolutely positively and in no freaking way short of amazing!

    Shaun helping me with my villager problem a long time before breeding was disabled (thanks for that btw), Smooch entertaining me for hours :D, ICC for being great with derlict stuff and responding quickly :), Green for being a mystery and a cool guy, Max for loving her chickens, Aikar for giving me great advice for the wild, Twitch for telling me great mods to install, Ed for playing his guitar, and for everyone that isn't included your fantastic! You help make EMC what it is and help rid of the baddies that try and ruin our fun. We love you <3
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  19. Lol scared me :D

  20. I don't like the staff, but at least they got the colour right.
    Yeah how?
    Green reminds me how sick I get when I see them!

    Hey the EMC staff get a lot done. See?
    Yeah I saw one almost trip over reaching for the remote.
    And look! Now they're brushing crumbs off their shirt!

    Hey the staff really aren't half-bad.
    Yeah they're ALL bad.

    Hey, light green is a colour for the staff?
    Yeah of course.
    I wouldn't know because I've never seen it!