Shout Out To Our Wonderful Mods!!!

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  1. I would like to take this time and tell the whole EMC community about our moderators.
    They are cray cray.
    They are helpful. *cough Bitemenow15 cough*
    They are even fun and have a sense of humor.
    They make the community safe and more relaxing for everyone to enjoy.
    Also, today 5weety showed how mature and respectful they are.
    I had a problem with a buyer, and in a civilized and respecting manner, She handled the situation perfectly.
    Without them, EMC would be a server with disrespectful, rude, immature, and annoying members.
    But, because of them, it is a wonderful server.
    Everyone who takes their time and reads this, should tell a mod that you're grateful for them.
    As if we weren't, EMC would be a disaster.
  2. The Moderators of EMC
    Handle situations like ABC.
    They help, they play,
    And build, all day.
    They kick, tempban, and ban a few.
    But it doesn't have to happen to you!
    Just follow the rules, and you'll be fine.
    Just mine,
    and craft,
    but don't be daft!
    It's a game,
    not lame!

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  3. couldn't have said it any better.
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  4. Very beautiful brick. :)
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  5. I agree - mods deserve praise for what they do, it is a tough job and one that deserves to be recognized. Here is to all mods, past and present, and to all the senior staff, admins, developers and wiki team members respectively! ;)
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  6. I agree, our staff are truly amazing. :)
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  7. Oh my god. A friend. Greetings :) I would also like to say that all staff do a great job and contribute well to EMC :)
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  8. They are I hope that they get the chance to see this and realize how everyone loves them truly.
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  9. Yes, as everyone else has said Good job staff! Without you we wouldn't be such a great server! :D
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