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  1. Hey everyone! My name is Monster_ (you've probably seen me around before). I've been an EMC'r for a while now (437 days). I've been a big supporter and player of EMC and I really enjoy being here. On a more personal note - my real name is Colin. I'm an 18 year old college student (just got accepted today!! (yay), and I'm going to be going to school to be an IT. If any of you have questions feel free to ask :). Also feel free to visit my residence on SMP7 and leave suggestions of what I should do with it. Have a great day everyone.
  2. :p First Comment Ever :p

    My real name is Colin also. Nice to meet you also. :D
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  3. Awesome! We share the coolest Irish name in the world!
  4. That awkard moment of I have you added on facebook xD
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  5. Actually, my name originates from England.
  6. o(╥﹏╥)o Thank you Jc. lol :p
  7. U still got those 2 pickaxes you owe me?
  8. Had me added :p. I deleted my facebook because there were way too many angsty teenagers posting pointless close minded crap :p.
  9. I think I've seen you around before. Well, anyway, sort of, Welcome to EMC! :D Read the guide :p
  10. You never picked them up from me. After two weeks I removed them. I'll make you new ones though if you leave me a chest on your residence.
  11. Mba, hes been a member for almost 500 days now. lol
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  12. Thanks, kind of sort of :p.
  13. I know. Thats why my post was full of commas for awkward pauses :p
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