Shouldnt disk 11s be allowed for auction

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Michael_Nolan, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. On the auction guide lines it says that enchanted item and rare items can be auctioned ex. An ender dragon egg isnt a disk 11 rare? Ive never seen 1 in game on a server or my single player world. If not wat else would be considered rare or is that just the ender dragon egg and other possible items that come out later in minecraft?
  2. Isn't the only way to get it is through the Empire Store atm?
  3. I think you can find them in strong holds but when i went to the strong hold on smp5 a day after it came out there was none
  4. All the discs can be purchased in the server store, as well as various player stores. They aren't really considered anywhere as rare as ender dragon eggs though. The enchanted item only rule may seem a bit restrictive, but it has kept the auctions at a managable level in the forums, and we haven't put any restrictions on what enchantments are allowed, so even new players can auction small enchantments at a rate other new players can afford. :)
  5. i have some 11 disks, they izntttt for sail! lol

    but really. they arent for sale
  6. Ohhh ok that maks sence thx! :)
  7. I have four of them but I didn't get it from the store I found them in dungeons
  8. nah I use xp grinders to get them all you have to do is get a skeleton to kill a creeper=music disc
  9. but u cant get disk 11 from creepers
  10. oh silly me xD
    sorry yeah I found a dongeon to make the grinder xD
  11. wat?
  12. Never Mind