Should TPA Be Allowed In The Wild And Town?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by nfell2009, Jun 21, 2012.


Should It Be Enabled?

Yes!! 5 vote(s) 16.7%
Nope, No Way, Never!! 25 vote(s) 83.3%
  1. I think that it should as then people can find a quicker way to get in and out of the wild. Please vote on the poll and explain your answer

    thank Nfell2009
  2. I say yes because I like how legit EMC is and tpa gives a non legit way of getting around in the wild.. so u could have an alt account and be really deep in the wild and just tpa there..
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  3. No. We dont want a quick way to get out of the wild, that makes it so much easier and the wild is barely a challenge as it is right now.
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  4. if it is barely a challenge then why make it not a challenge? You will get bored of the wild, I am still saying no.
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  5. We should hold on to what we have now, because what we have works. Also, this is cheating. The only way i accept tp type stuff is use of ender pearls. If we accept this, then a poll about free vault everywhere will come up. We cant let the server dwellers get lazy, just get some supplies, go to the wild spawn, and start walking!:)
  6. hmm I think i miss read your post sorry :3
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  7. Even as a regular player I do not like tpa. What's the point of trying to take over the wild and conquer the things out there if you can just pop in and out.... And it then becomes IMPOSSIBLE to stop griefers.... :(
  8. I don't even know what tpa is and I don't like it.
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  9. I think it would be really useful in town. The person you are going to may not know the res address so you can just go: /tpa JustinGuy
    In the wilderness no way! I like a vanilla wilderness.
  10. But what about people who are trying to hide?
    No way, if you want go to where someone is just figure out where they are.
  11. If you dont know the res number, use /v username. Its one letter shorter:)
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  12. /tpa is the disambiguation of Teleport Accept/Request mostly associated with the Essentials package (bukkit plugin).
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  13. how about having a code?


    /tpa nfell2009 9000

    if correct then it tps you if not then it doesnt and have a delay or something?
  14. tpa means to ask someone if you can teleport to them (Teleport Ask). This is sometimes referred to as a teleport request. I found this ability handy on servers before I came to EMC because when I was mining with a friend and died I could go straight back to them. This meant that we could keep playing with each other ;) I would vote yes if the ability could only be used either in town do going to specific players in town or I would also say yes if you could only teleport to people going to he wild or nether but not given the ability to teleport to someone in town from the wild or nether. This is a legit Multiplayer Minecraft command althought quite a few servers disable it.
  15. I think your not understanding... its not about how we can delay or add rupees to it its about being vanilla.
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  16. Town: maybe, I don't really see the point though. And if it was to be added (which I don't really care if it is or not) then make it so res owners can block it from being used in their res. Seems like more hassle than it's worth to be honest...

    Wild: no, just no.
  17. maybe have it just for town? or town > wild but not wild > town same for nether/end
  18. TPA for town but not for wild
  19. I don't see how this is needed.
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  20. >>Wilderness teleporting