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  1. If you have a good res in one place on a server and there's nothing being built (or hardly anything) and you want to move to a place with lots of cool people with huge buildings, but don't want to unclaim the other one in fear of losing all of this precious stuff, you probably would decide not to move at all and live with the boring people. That's where my idea comes in. If you could use that command, then you wouldn't lose anything and get to go to a better place. But, it would probably put quite a bit of strain on the server, so there might be a price, like the Empire Vault has one. I hope this idea goes under consideration, and thanks for reading this far! :D
  2. That would be a totally insane amount of work. I'm sorry, but you might want to get a Game Development studio on that.
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  3. Yeah, I know it would be a huge amount of work, but it was just a suggestion...
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  6. its ok
  7. Using a similar plugin to what EMC uses, moving reses is well... lagtastic...
  8. Mini modding doesn't really work in the forums.

    This would make the lag on EMC go though the roof.
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  13. well while this is an alright suggestion just imagine the lag that would be caused from moving the lot from place to place it would have to copy every single item location and their durability as jack said it would be madness with all the lag going on
  14. I can think of a way of doing this that may not be too laggy but.. BUT it would require modifications to the vault code and the bukkit code.
  15. So your way would be very hard I'm guessing?
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  16. Yes. Very.
  17. well a queued block by block copy doesnt seem like it would be too complicated. just alot of edge cases to consider...

    The way resets are coded pretty much is same thing as pasting in a residence... But its only dirt and air.

    I wouldnt throw this idea out, but under the current design I dont see it happening soon... But if we find a good enough reason maybe.
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  18. Thanks for having a look at my idea Aikar! :)
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