Should Mojang remove the new 1.2.4 blocks in 1.3?

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Should Mojang remove the new 1.2.4 blocks in 1.3?

Yes 5 vote(s) 7.8%
No 59 vote(s) 92.2%
  1. Alright, so EMC just upgraded to 1.2.4. Is it just me or does 1.2.4, not EMC, just suck? I mean, the wood and sandstone and all that, this is tyranny. I say Mojang releases a new version taking AWAY all those new items. Make sure to take the poll at the top.
  2. I am very happy about the changes. How could you be mad having more blocks to choose from? Also 1.2.4's performance is LOADS better than 1.2.3 (both the client and the server).
  3. I like the new update, but not the wood:( i want new things! not wood and sandstone!
  4. I kinda like the extra wood plank types, but at the same time, I also liked getting the same planks regardless of what logs I used. That way I didn't have to hunt down specific kinds of trees to create a consistently colored wood plank structure. The new sandstone, I enjoy, however. :D
  5. There is no reason one couldn't either figure out an in-game-economy of exchange or alternatively I could imagine a mod allowing us to craft one type of plank into another.
  6. No they should not remove the new blocks when they release 1.3 and they should not remove them in the snapshots leading up to 1.3 either.
    Would you like all living creatures to devolve their adaptations to their environments and die just because it doesn't please just you how they have adapted?

    Mojang has already said all additional fixes will be done in the release of 1.3 and that snapshots will be the only releases until then.
    They fixed all the bugs, improved the client/server and now are focusing on the next step: 1.3. Calm down. Now we will have a lull in changes for a long while, so you can get into the 1.2.4 groove just long enough to be angered/annoyed/flabbergasted/pessimistic/etc. when 1.3.0 comes out.
  7. I think they don't have ENOUGH blocks. I've always said and agreed that Mojang has ADD when it comes to what they put in the game.

    I think almost every type of block should be craftable into things like half-slabs, stairs, and things like that. I mean, I don't think it would be much if any strain at all to have iron/gold/diamond slabs or stairs.
  8. Attention Deficit OOOOOOOH SHINY!
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  9. Exactly. How hard are Nether Brick slabs?!?! You already made them into stairs! This is so incomplete!! XD
    But also, I think with 1.2 and the support for more (up to 5000 new possible ids rather than 256) items, they are simply prepping for adding much, much more. Which will take time, but, you know, I'll wait.
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  10. I am with Jeremy on this one, I dont see any reason why we shouldn't be able to make slabs and stairs out of all of the full solid block types. I would personally love to see coloured wool slabs or stairs, this would add an unprecedented amount of creative ability to our arsenal. :)
  11. i wish the stairs and half slabs for wood were color dependent on the planks, instead of just plain sandy brown normals. my white wood house doesnt look as good without em :(
  12. I love the new blocks, will give more variety to wooden creations, though I would like it if you could bleach them or something maybe bone meal turns them back to ordinary wood? I'm a little dissappointed with the new sandstone blocks, I saw a screenshot of the ones made before that got changed for 1.2.4, i thought they looked better, but hey, texture pack can fix that :)

    It would be good if we could also have half-slabs and stairs in the new wood textures too.
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  13. Personally, I think this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as blocks/stairs/slabs are concerned. The "circle" blocks, Redstone Lamps, and the new wood planks give positive reinforcement to that train of thought.
    Just be on the look out for snapshots, from my inference of the Mojang crews tweets, this is the last update until 1.3, the remainder will be the typical Weekly Snapshots... :)
  14. I think they should remove, basically because I don't want a different kind of plank when I use pine..
  15. It's now opened up a whole new market for planks by log type.
  16. I suppose, it's just the fact that you have no choice..
  17. I know, this made me angry, looking around for oak trees in the wild so I could make flooring for a little project I'm doing out there. But I had to go farther to get past all the birch and pine. At least Mojang isn't saying that sticks can only be made from pine, or something like that.
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  18. the new wood it looks like ice-cream. vanilla,chocolate and strawberry
  19. It does look like ice cream! Didn't notice that.
  20. I think the next update should allow you to craft the different colors.
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