should I turn my marketplace into something different?

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should I destroy it?

Yes 1 vote(s) 12.5%
No 5 vote(s) 62.5%
I really don't care 2 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. I have a market at 11387 on smp5, I have experienced the following two problems with it:
    1. Not enough revenue; I need to spend at least 600r every month on castle repairs and market repairs, I only charge 30r a month on the booth's.

    2. Thieves and Griefers , just love to brake market rules, stealing silk touch picks up for auction, and braking the walls down for wood or stone brick to sell in their market, you may ask: why don't you just close their booth down? it's something they payed for, and that is just as bad as stealing.

    I put a lot of work into building it, but it tears at my wallet. And I want to build ANYTHING right now, heres a few pictures of it: 2012-07-15_23.41.25.png 2012-07-15_23.41.11.png 2012-07-15_23.53.49.png
    I am wondering if I should destroy it, or charge more for a booth?
  2. Its wonderful as of now. Just keep it the same, I like it.
  3. I do need a way to stop the thieves though....
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  4. Heres your way to stop it. Make the shops for them (put there name on the top) and give them a double chest ( or multiple) and have them put in whatever they want to sell. Then put it in the shop for them. Since there name is on top, they get the money for the items bought.
  5. I could give them build perms for like 5 minutes and watch them build their booth, if they wanted to restock then they could do what Paranoid said
  6. I can guard it and make traps! :)
    Edit: Is it in Wilderness?
  7. I want a market, not area 51
  8. it is not, it's in town on my res
  9. you dont say.jpg I was just trying to help
  10. 1. Why do you even want that scum that steals for you to still have shops at your place?
    2. They don't need any permissions. Just make access signs, so they can open chests and restock them and give them build just so they put shop sign on (takes few min and you cna stand next to them and watch them, when they finish take their build peerm away)
    3. You don't want to punish them because they paid you for shop? They are breaking rules, griefing, wich is horrible, i would not just take away their shop, I would report them immediately.
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