Should I reset my residence?

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Should I reset?

Yes! 9 vote(s) 81.8%
No! 2 vote(s) 18.2%
  1. Hello EMC! I am moyaboya, owner of res 6070 on Smp3. I spent quite some time on my res and am very impressed with it, BUT I was remodeling my potion shop when I realized, "My res is boring!". Its been the same for months! If I do reset it I might put some sort of scary mansion in honor of the Halloween update or something. Well, I just want to know what you guys think, whether I should reset or not, and if so, what should I build? Vote for if I should reset and comment what my new home should be.

  2. Make a res with..
    blocks forming stuff...
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  3. Woah..... Best idea ever
  4. Grrr!!!!!
  5. Please delete your post.
  6. Make an UFO. Or something interesting, don't do something medieval, like a castle, because everyone does that.
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  7. I like that, maybe a 60 diameter UFO flying over a dystopian-like res... Filled with the trophy skulls theyre adding in 1.4 >: ) Me gusta...
    But what would it be made of? Irons too white and cobble is, well, cobble
  8. Wool.
  9. Or I could have the surface looking like a post apocalyptic dystopia, with floating islands all around the top :D
  10. Try making it out of stone slabs, and yeah wool.
  11. I know...
    Make a model of...

    my species.
  12. Make this:
    a Heaven in the sky with pretty islands and rainbows and stuff..
    Then do a normal.. place thing like normal stuff..
    Then do hell at bedrock with lava and netherrack and lava and stuff.

    OR make some sort of 50x50 minecraft planet :p
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  13. Hey, why don't you build a gigantic Sparer Toaster? :)
  14. That's a better idea then mine.
  15. Lol, thanks :D