Should I open a Bookstore on SMP2?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Cephorous, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. I was just wondering if people though opening a bookstore on SMP2 would be a good idea. When 1.3 comes out, writable books are being released so I though why not open a store where I can sell books to people. Every book is going to hold 50 pages so that gives plenty of space to write short stories or journals.

    If I do open it up, how much would I charge per book? I just would like input.
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  2. I forgot to mention that in addition to a selection of Pre-made books I would sell, that I was also considering writing unique books made to order.
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  3. Kind of a cool idea if you write your own books. I vote "yes".
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  4. Love the idea! One addition though. I've built the Empire's first library/bookstore, and I'm trying to get a copy of every book in the empire in it. Would you like to become an smp2 branch of it?

    Also, donate books to the Emptimynd Memorial Library at 6843 on smp3, once 1.3 comes out!
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  5. SMP4 branch right here :D
  6. smp1 Branch I gotta think it over but reserve me for smp1 I can get more branches like smp6,7,9 me!!
  7. You guys are gonna have to PM me. I mean this won't be a really organized thing. Mostly just sharing books so we all have access to more. Glad to see this much interest!
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  8. How about this. The Imperial Library System. Copies of books are shared throughout the Empire whilst we write more to send out. Books go through the different branches.
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  9. Books Stores can sell either empty books or written books. Libraries can lend books for a price.
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  10. use the PM we cant Hijack this thread :p