Should I make a minecraft empire videos series on youtube? post what u think.

Discussion in 'Share Your Let's Plays and Other Videos!' started by Penzuki, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. It would go on the channel GodzilladudeMr And I would use bandicam to record my adventures, should I do it?
  2. Yes! Be the next empire minecast!
  3. Wait, i'll just do the lets play. I'm going to record this server, be sure to check out my other vids. too :)
  4. I will record it now!
  5. you might want to use another recorder that doesn't have a watermark (OBS is free with no watermark)
  6. Also, you can just backspace a sentence away, or type it in res chat. I imagine the people at the beggining were a bit confused...
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  7. I watched the first episode it was really good, but i would like to hear u talking :)
  8. It would be great if you would talk. It would make the video seem more alive.