Should I Leave Or Stay On emc

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Should i Leave Or Not

Stay! 19 vote(s) 73.1%
Leave! 7 vote(s) 26.9%
  1. I Might Leave Emc Or I Might Stay I Need Help Deciding
  2. Any One Out There?
  3. Stay! Please dont leave!
  4. Ohmigod really? DO NOT be influenced by the other players abandoning us. Stay! 1.3 is coming out, a lot of cool events, awesome players, and more growth for EMC! If this is about time management then try to play less or on weekends only. Please don't leave.
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  5. Dont be a noob and leave!PLEASE!
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  6. I meant don't leave :/
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  7. Why will you leave?
  8. There is no reason to leave!
  9. ........

    In all honesty, if you have to ask for the communities voice on the opinion in question, you should probably leave. I'm just saying, out of experience, its probably best.

    I'd rather you stay, though.
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  10. Look, when you have a question like such it's because you have nothing to do here....
    Join district 67, or any other cool project and spend some time there, there is not much that actually makes a difference on EMC from other servers but the community, and hell yeah i'm shure there is lots around it.
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  11. According To People I Will Stay Please Do Not Vote Or Comment
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  12. Distric 67 sounds good and i have an awesome idea but i dont have an exrta res:(
  13. Time to go gold supporter xD
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  14. I would but im going to use off the iron;)
  15. btw: i need someone with loads of time to help me build/design the rooms of a huge tower, in?
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  16. Sure why not
    I got skype just look on your profile
  18. Lol thanks curtis XD
  19. kingofkraft strikes again....
  20. UMM NOLE DON'T YOU EVER LEAVE ME! :( I SAY NOOO :( I WILL MISS YOU TO MUCH :3 and I did caps on purpose