Should I get Skyrim?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by aldo1983, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. I keep hearing that Skyrim a really good game? Should I get it?
  2. Thats Definetly a Yes :D The graphics are great, gameplay is fun, you could do anything everywhere. The storyline is a little short, but that only encourages you to move on, and create your own name for yourself :D There are alot of hidden gems in Skyrim, and its fun to find them all!

    Any further questions, Just ask :D

  3. Its not anymore fun then the other TES and new Fallouts(though I've always liked Fallout more then TES).Rather overhyped but its a decent game.Check out info and gameplay on it and decide for yourself.
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  5. D: no NO NOOOO, not that stupid Skyrim Related comment XD Its so worn off!
  6. I would've made that comment, then I took an throwing knife in my elbow ;)
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  7. GET IT GET IT GET IT GET IT. Seriously, it IS really good. I thought it was over hyped at first too, but its worthy the build up it got.
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  8. If you played Oblivion to death like I did, Skyrim is a bit............ A bit of a non-event.

    Put it this way, things in Oblivion seemed epic. In Skyrim, they're handing out important jobs like free biscuits at the Vicarage on a Sunday afternoon High Tea session.

    "You only arrived here yesterday, however this has happend and you're now the top man. Sign here."

    Didn't enjoy it as much, stopped playing halfway through, now playing MC again and BF3 for my violence fix.
  9. just my opinion, but dont waste money on it, get the COD Series if possbile :)
  10. cod sucks terraria is a MUCH MUCH MUCH better action game
  11. i respect your opinion, but i dont like to fight :)
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  12. My only problem with the Elder Scrolls series is that Bethesda seems to think that they can trade diversity for improved graphics. If you compare Morrowind's (ES3) diversity of equipment, spells, enchantments, skills, etc. to Skyrim's (ES5) you might notice that Skyrim looks rather bland. Don't get me wrong, Skyrim is still a fun game and portions of the landscape are just downright breathtaking, but it just pales in comparison to its predecessors in some of the more important aspects.

    TL;DR: Skyrim is good, but not as good as the games before it.
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  13. Just get Fallout: 3 please.
    Many people thought it was going to be Oblivion with Guns.
    They were wrong.
  14. New Vegas > 3.
  15. New Vegas = Definite End
    Fallout 3 is better than it. Because it actually won awards. :)

    Oh, and I played Skyrim earlier today. Everyone is terrible at fighting except for me...
  16. Fallout: New Vegas brought back a lot of stuff that part of the older fallout games.Mostly good stuff.I enjoyed a lot of it and the Old World Blues dlc will probably remain my favorite dlc for a long time.Also about the definite end,Fallout 3 originally ended after beating the game.Only with dlc did the play after ending thing take affect.Obsidian didn't mess with it for New Vegas cause the modders had long before the first dlc dropped.There is even a overhaul mod that is made by one of the developers that changes and adds a lot of free content.
  17. I'm not saying FO:NV is a bad game. I've played it for (easily) 300+ hours. I'm just saying that, while FO:3 has a lower level cap, it is significantly more difficult and much more rewarding. The only time where you have to even think about dying on NV is when you're level 45 or higher, which takes countless hours of gameplay and you will likely be done with most of the main quests at that point.
  18. I never came across anything challenging in 3.Though the cazadors in new vegas would like to have a word with you.I just feel that though Fallout 3 did a good job.New Vegas was the after clean up crew that improved on it ten fold.
  19. Cazadors are hard as a Melee character, easy as an Unarmed character. Really odd.

    But there is nothing that is truly worth using a Fat Man on in FO:NV, bar Legendary Deathclaw.
    While in FO:3 you have Reavers, Behemoths, Overlords, Albino Scorpions, Hellfire Troops and Vertibirds.
  20. See I never had a issue with those really.I didn't really feel either one to be a challenge tbh.Nor did I play them to be challenging.I played them so they can be fun sandboxes ,and I felt that New Vegas was the better sandbox.
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