Should I donate for IRON?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by DC626, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, im dc626 and im thinking of donating for iron. Is it worth it? i don't have much cash but i really like this server. I am just asking for advice no need to hate. Thanks for support and this is the best server ever!
  2. Becoming a supporter is a terrific way of helping EMC financially, and you get some perks which really do have some value.
    - An increase in daily rupee bonus
    - A dedicated slot held for you to login first time every time
    - Access to the supporter forum threads
    - Hide yourself on livemap
    Remember you can cancel subscription at anytime even 10 minutes after becoming supporter, and you still get the full month of supporter at that level. This way you can manually manage your finances and not worry about recurring automatic payments. :)

    When I was a supporter I found the login slot especially useful because I loved to jump from server to server to check out everyone's creations and purchase items cross-server, and it was a blessing to not have to not need multiple attempts to log in on each server.
  3. If you can spare the cash, which isn't much, I'd say go for it. There are good features. I'd like the reserved slot in servers as lately I can't get in because they are full. Plus, it would help support the Empire(They need to build new Death Stars somehow) cover costs and bring forth potential features. There are many, many good things about becoming a supporter of any kind. ^^
  4. Thank you for thr good advice guys!!! I'm gonna sub by the end of this week. I hope to see you guys online
  5. I just ordered a large pizza and it cost me like $25 plus tip. So the real question to ask, is the Empire worth a slice or two of pizza? ;)
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  6. Wow.

    You ordered from the wrong place.
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  7. lol just Domino's with a ton of stuff on it...
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  8. My family was iron supporters in the beginning. We loved being able to log on any server at any time. We also loved the extra rupees because they added up quickly.
    You can never go wrong when it is the one thing you love to do with your free time. When was the last time you could buy a game for the cost of an EMC subscription?
    Have Fun!
  9. The pizza pricing in America must be screwed
  10. How Do You Donate Iron Cause Ill Donate To
  11. You Don't Have To Capitalize Every Word In A Sentence You Know
  12. surE yoU dO
  13. Iron is a supporter level that is 5$ a month. You don't donate bars of iron. Just in case there was confusion.
  14. Close this thread,Hes got iron now.
  15. Why would you want to bring up an old topic then? Let it die - like the rest..

    If mods should close EVERY topic solved - they wouldn't be doing anything else...

    Just don't post in dead/solved topics.
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  16. My sister works at Domino's xD
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  17. just die thread please