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  1. Recently I've taken a vacation from this place and suprisingly, I still have my residence! Now I'm wondering if I should pull off an EmpireMinecraft first - a stock market. What?, yes you heard me, a stock market. Here's how it would work:

    People who have successful shops, or any shops even, can decide to invest XCoins to get a stock spot. (I say X because I'm not sure yet if this will even work! :p) Now on this stock spot, you would have your name, your shop, your item the stock is on, and your shares/prices. Now name, and shop name are no brainers. Item of Stock- this is the item which you will base your profits or loss off of. Shares- "Supposed" parts of your shop that becomes the persons' who invested. This would usually be in coins which will fluxuate based on your profit off of your stock items. Finally your prices... What you'll need is X Coins for starting and maintaining your stock spot and then you'll need share funds. Say you want to sell 10 shares at 100 coins each, you'd give me 1000 coins. On top of this though, you'd need to give 50% of your initial share to cover if people wish to sell back shares. Every week you'll need to put mroe money to keep up with stocks (if you profit) and to cover customers selling stocks back.

    *Sorry if this is confusing to people who are non-financially oriented.

    Now how your increase or decrease in profit works. At the beginning of the week you send me a snapshot of your coins that you have. At the end of the week, you send me a picture of your coin total then. Taking the second picture, I will determine if you've lost or gained money and too what percent. This becomes your percent of change over the week. Finally this will affect your stock price. If your profit is 100% from previous week, then your stock price will increase 100%.

    Why is this good for me:

    Not only is this a way for your shop to get advertised, it encourages people to take part in your shop. If they invest, then buy a lot of your stuff, their not only helping you out, but your customers can potentially make money, spending money at your shop!

    Well, I'd like to accomplish this task- but, I would need shop owners who vouch to become part of this Empire first. It wouldn't be very soon, seemings how I need to get rid of alot of stuff, but, I would like to see this happen.

    Want To Vouch? Message Below! Vouchers:
  2. Although I think this is a very creative idea it would easily get out of hand.
    It also comes very close to a financial institution which aren't permitted.
    I like the idea though :)
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  3. I think this is very complex to the community, some new members don't even know how to create a shop, EVEN after reading the guide... :p
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  4. Which server do u live in?
  5. This is a WONDERFUL idea. It'd just be quite hard to execute properly without things spiraling out of control.
  6. Probably not allowed and I don't think it's the first, but by all means give it a try :)
  7. Oh god...
    Platypus364 actually proposed this already, but decided not to go through with it. I would talk to him if you end up doing this.
  8. I don't think shops on MC are stable enough to support shares. Also it seems like all that investment is going to be returned with small profits. As a shop owner I think it's a good idea, but I wouldn't take part because I have enough money to fall back on, and don't want to give away my profits.
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