should i auction?

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  1. hey guys i was at my xp farm and i enchanted a diamond pick and i got the bestr enchant! silk 1 unbreak 3 eff 2 should i auction it what price would i get and should i keep for ores
  2. I think there are better enchants lol.
  3. its a figure of speech\
  4. bump remember i want to know whether i should keep it
  5. You can get thousands for it
  6. Back before texp u could get like 30k for it
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  7. i was thinkin since it is unbreak 3 mabe 20k
  8. I would do an auction starting at 15k with increases of at least 500r.

    EDIT: Or keep it.
  9. XD i was thinking star 15k increase 100r
  10. if i get a fortune imma not keep it
  11. I would do increase 500r cause people will just take advantage of the small increases and the auction will take forever.
  12. If you mine and do not have a silk touch pick you should keep it.
  13. It completely depends on your play style, only you can make that decision.
    If you have a shop, and you mine a fair bit, keep it and put it to work making you money.
    If you tend to purchase more of your materials, or are more interested in building then mining i would suggest selling it to make some cash to buy stuff. :)
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