Should flying in your residence be allowed?

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What do you think about flying in residence in Town?

It's a good idea 1 vote(s) 5.6%
It's a bad idea 14 vote(s) 77.8%
It should be able only for supporters 3 vote(s) 16.7%
  1. Nah, flying is for noobs. :(
  2. Part of what is truly amazing about what is built in people's plots in the Empire is that it was all done without flying.
  3. Yes i think this a great idea but should be a command only for supportrs.
  4. This has been brought up before and everyone seemed to agree it would be a bad thing.

    I'm also not sure if its even possible to enable flying without giving Creative Mode...

    Client controls movements, and it has flying controls while in creative and not in survival.
  5. Eww no. If this happens, I quit.
  6. The real thing we should discuss is people who can't seem to build without flying. I mean what is up with those noobs.
  7. Ok...
  8. It's all very good and well looking at some of the amazing MC builds out there, until you remember it's been done with Creative mode.

    Go try building the Taj Mahal after you've mined each and every block yourself and hung off of every corner trying to place that lower block. Then I'll applaud.
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