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After reading this, have you been influenced to create a shop?

Yes 1 vote(s) 11.1%
No 7 vote(s) 77.8%
Possibly... 1 vote(s) 11.1%
  1. Hey Guys!

    Just wanted to let everybody know that there is a very big shortage of mega-malls on most of the SMP servers (in my opinion). My res (6752 on SMP3) is in the process of becoming a mega-mall but we need more people to make them. This is going to become a huge issue for buyers because if there's only 1 mega-mall on a server, then that person can set the price to whatever they want and people will pay it cause they have no other choice. Also, Without shops, this server isn't as good as it can be. PLEASE, STEP UP AND BUILD A MALL, FOR THE GOOD OF EMC!!!!! :D
  2. If there is one megamall per server, doesn't that mean people have 10 options of where to buy stuff and not just one?
  3. A mall is a massive undertaking. It requires tons of time and resources to build and constant, never-ending effort to keep it stocked. I'd know, as I've built 2, stocked 1, and had friends attempt malls repeatedly. Most people simply don't have the time or effort to make a successful mall. Therefore, in my opinion its far better to have lots of small shops that people can successfully keep in stock than lots of half-finished or unstocked mega-malls.
  4. True, but for the buyers and the sellers trying to make money. Also, when I need to buy stuff, I don't immediately think, "Oh! Let's go to another server and look"! I'm not trying to put your opinion down but in my opinion, there needs to be more malls on all of the servers. i respect your opinion too tho
  5. Still, remember that malls don't have ot sell everything or be huge, you could just build a small shop or a shop that sells on category of items.
  6. Well if you're just advocating for more shops I agree with that, competition is always good for the market. It's good to note though, that by convention there's a different between a mall and a shop. A mall is large and sells almost everything, while a shop can be any size and is often smaller.
  7. You say you're on server smp3? I opened Mall 7500 on Friday :)
  8. There are a bunch of malls but

    I can totally agree with all of this (I myself am just finishing up my horse megamall) it took me from Dec to now to get supplies and build my mall.
  9. I know this was hours ago but I kept seeing this thread and then when this was bumped, I thought I'd post it here:

    There are more shops than advertised I think as some people may not use the forums, choose only to use their signatures, etc. Used to we had a better way to keep up with shops with the EMC Shop Database, but that sadly shut down as the owner left. I've seen others try to make another but I don't know if they still function or if they gave up. Scruffy on the other hand does a pretty good job at trying to find and list them here in the thread.
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  10. I'm in the process of stocking my mall now. And you only know how hard it is once you get to this stage. The build and everything seems easy. But from someone who hasn't done it before. It's hard :p
  11. You can make a heap more money selling stuff in bulk, or trading rare items. And in much less time.

    As people have said. running a mall is a huge time consuming thing. Most people try and fail. Especially when bulk suppliers, or specialty shops can supply for less than a mall can.

    I've traveled to many malls, and observed many techniques. Of which I hope to bring to my own chain of malls on every server. The whole plan will be a huge undertaking, that will require the effort of many people. But I hope to make it a successful example where everyone can profit.

    There is not really a lack of malls. :) Most players end up obtaining anything they need themselves. it's the new players who need the malls the most, to get started.
  12. Mega Malls are big challenges and take extreme devotion to keep stocking it, keep up with prices etc. I recently closed my mall because I would want to feel more "free" rather then worrying about stock.
    Just my opinion
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  13. Oh! Kyzoy, I didn't think that yours would be opening this soon! Wow, that's awesome!!!! :D xD
  14. 3110 is sorta kinda close to becoming a Megamall. I still have a bunch of building to do first.
  15. Indeed. the only reason I'm interested in malls is for the assistance it brings other players. In the way of cheaper items to buy as need, and by way of a job to earn money by stocking the mall.
    Hopefully even supply builders for large projects.
    Mall Owner = Facilitator
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  16. So much this, I made more money selling half the stuff I own than I ever did in the time I made 4 mega-malls and completed 2 of them.
  17. on smp4 there is my mega mall 9500 and 9000
  18. I don't agree at all. Almost every SMP have great malls, and the owners are doing an awesome job stocking them. You can use this thread to find malls around the SMPs -//= =\\-
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  19. I've know of quite a few good malls on smp3. Along with smaller shops. Theres drewradio, and wolfthunderblade opening one in a while. As im good friends with drew, im usually promoting his in town chat :p
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