Short Time Reader, First Time Writer

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  1. A bit delayed (Not that anyone in particular gives a hoot.), but here is my opening jazz and such.

    I suppose I should just stick with the basics, non? Well, my name is.... Not. That. Important,soooooI guess just call me by my username? That or make a cool nickname for me, like "Spike" or "Reaper". Just not "Mr. Puddles". IT WAS ONE TIME, OK?! Heh.

    I might as well get this out of the way too. I am a Canadian. So many people are like, "So what state are you in?" and I am all, "None of them ._." And then everything gets totes awks(ohgodwhydidItypelikethat). So yeah. I am a polar bear riding, igloo dwelling lumberjack who's blood runs thick with maple syrup. Heheh.

    I sometimes RP, but lately I have been in a slump. I am a guy. I am not that old.

    I am actually not that creative when it comes to building. I just build to have fun really! So no grand castles for me, oh no! I am quite pleased with mein box ~ <3

    So... yeah, I guess that covers it for now! At least the basics.

    I hope y'all dun mind my bein here!(Yes, I actually do write like that sometimes o.o) Thanks fer readin if yah did!

    (Why do I want to say "Toodles!" ?)
  2. Welcome to the Empire! Glad to see another fantastic sense of humour around here ;)
  3. Welcome! Whether you're terribly creative or not, I'm sure you'll have a fine time in the Empire.

    And I'm pretty sure you want to say "Toodles" because it's fun!
  4. @Alex: Thank you >w> And I wouldn't say fantastic. Above average, perhaps, but I am no comedian. :p (thatwouldmeanIgetthrownoutawindowwhenIgrowold ; A; )

    @raenis: Thanks :D And I think that is the most logical reason fer it XD It is a simply amazing word!
  5. Ahaha :p