Short Story Series: The Trail Never Taken

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  1. Hello, I've been delving into writing a lot more recently, I figured my imagination could make it on paper instead of in my mind where it's stuck and pounds to break out. Anyways, here's the thread my new series: The Trail Never Taken...


    Episode List

    If you wish to read more about this short story series, I'll be posting it to my Wattpad account, NetherSpecter, every day or every other day. Enjoy :)


    I'm hoping each 'episode' will be about 2000 words at LEAST. This way by the time I get to 20 'episodes' I'd have made a 40,000 word series, and call that a 'season'.

    The character's in the book is based off many people I've met in life, and here on these forums. For instance, (a soon to be added character) is a book-worm named, Sephras. I'm going to attempt to base him off Kephras.

    If you would like a side or just a one timer (someone just shows up every now and then) I might make one based on you. :)

    I'm hoping this will take a while and I hope it takes up any free time I have. Thanks for reading. :D
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  2. My imagination started doing it's thing and so here's the second episode's teaser, "Alice in Zombieland"

    "Apparently, there's a horde of zombies heading towards the wall we're dispatched to take them out, something of that size proves a problem to the structuralism of the wall." she grabbed a quiver full of her "Shadow Arrows" and her bow, "Shadowshot" Nolan got out of his bed, grabbed his newly acquired sword, "Smite". Sephras got up, grabbed his tome, which held the magi's power allowing him to use spells without consequence, "A Brief History of Kickass" which he jokingly named it. Finally Torsh, with his axe, "Deathsplitter" followed up and headed towards, Earth's Pass, the only way in, and out of the Ark.
  3. zombielands a good film :D
  4. Teaser for Episode Three - The Paige Ripped Out being released tomorrow night US Central time

    A loud thump was made as Torsh slumped in his chair, "We lost quite a few people, it might lower sacrificial costs, but..." the door slammed open, and Paige, donned in pearl white armor, and a purple cloak, walked into the center of the room, looking for something or someone. Torsh shifted in his chair, "Can I help ya darlin?" he said with a wide smirk, "I'm looking for my brother, have you seen him?" she stated as she turned towards him, she walked towards Alice's bed, but stopped when she saw a book, The Light Beyond the Sun. She leaned over and flipped the book around, "Who's bed?" Torsh stood up, "I think you should leave ma'am." he pretty much ordered her, "I don't I'm here to recruit Alice for Squad Two, you and Sephras for Squad Three and Nolan for Squad One." Torsh's bewilderment was utterly clear that he knew not what she was talking about. "Excuse me?" Paige cleared her throat corrected her stance and spoke once again, "You are to lead Squad Three, Sephras will join you, Alice and I will be in Squad Two, and Nolan will lead Squad One." Torsh started to realize what she meant, "Recon Squad's?" he said practically smiling as if he was in a nude brothel. "That's right, it's time we strike at the heart of the issue, the zombies won't stand a chance against 12 well trained gifted." she smiled, "Gather your member's, give them the news, regroup here. We leave tonight."