[Short Story] My Job, my life

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  1. Let’s start from the beginning…

    I was a simple man
    Family,Job, and a life
    The Job was the highlight of my life
    Long hours seemed like minutes
    Deliver mail, packages, a breeze

    Everything was great
    But, one day
    Was not an average day
    The was going to delivery a medium package
    Not small or large
    Just medium
    Weighted a lot for the package

    Knock on the Door

    No response

    Once more

    A Man opens the door
    An unusual aroma fills the air
    The Man shuts the door quickly

    The Man was rude

    I quickly left and went on with my life

    The next I went to the same place

    The Man quickly comes to the door
    I give him the package

    He hesitates to close the door

    I was able to see a missile like object

    The man glances at the object then and me
    I am knocked out

  2. I awake sitting in a chair
    Tied up
    Not being able to move

    I am blinded

    My blindfold was removed
    I was the man

    He is holding something
    A syringe
    I tried to screech
    Nothing came out

    The liquid in the syringe felt hot

    Five seconds I knocked out

    I woke up back at the delivery truck

    I quickly went to any hospital
    While I was driving

    I was still awake to see the crash
    A black figure impacted me

    I quickly ran out of the truck to see what hit me
    The figure disappeared

    I look around
    Anything was black


    I thought to myself
    “The man”

    I quickly ran to the man’s home
    Was not there
    What am I supposed to do?

    I went home

    I entered the door

    I entered a world of darkness

    These dark figures became shadow like
    one started following me
    grabbed me
    I shoved it away as I looked for a weapon

    I found a pipe
    Not black

    Attack the figure
    One hit
    It bursted into nothing

    I ran to the city
    Crowded with them
    I killed everyone of them

    After a day of killing them


    I was back to the regular town
    But wait


    I DIDN’T




    I heard a siren coming quickly
    I ran

    I found a TV still playing at a house

    The news reporter was talking about me
    and a Bombing

    The man planned it ALL

    The sirens came closer

    Policemen came

    Shot on sight...
  3. Wow... Weird story but it kept me reading lol
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  4. That was quite a story.........
    I am slightly dumbfounded!?!?
  5. I was bored when I was updating League of Legends...
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  6. Please somebody write a minecraft book ;)
  7. If there is a mod, I'll make books quickly...
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  8. The man was never dead, you became him... it was his plan all along just to destroy your life.
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  9. Yeps...Maybe a back story coming soon...
  10. Aweshum. A bit creepy. But aweshum.
  11. Thanks o3o
  12. I like it, a bit strange, but overall nice job!
  13. So, the man basically did all this stuff and framed you? Cool story, Bro, tell it again.
  14. Confusing story with an interesting set of events. It kept me reading, and that's a good thing to aim for as you want the reader to keep on. Good work.