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  1. This Is a Page For People to Advertise their shops. They should have one of these things

    Cheap Items that beat the Empire Shop prices:
    Enchanted Items:
    Bulk Items:
    Or things you Specialize in:

    Keep In Mind if you post your Shop res. Your Smp and what you specialize in, You might Get more Customers


  2. Cheap Items that beat the Empire Shop prices: Loads :D (Emeralds :p)
    Enchanted Items: Coming Soon!
    Bulk Items: Emeralds!
    Or things you Specialize in: Trades

    9139 hasnt got the signs but there is a thread! Just click my sig
  3. 6189 on SMP3!
    Cheap Items that beat the Empire Shop prices: Raw items, you do the crafting.
    Enchanted Items: Coming soon!
    Bulk Items: Coming Soon!
    Or things you Specialize in: N/A
  4. 8122 Jungle Shop on smp4.
    I just about always have jungle saps in stock and I Buy them for 20r each !.
    I have a decent amount of items well below EMC Shop Prices.
    I sell all four part of discount Chain Mail Armor.
    Check out my Enchanted Axe (Eff III, Unbreak III) and Silk Touch Pickaxe (Eff III).
    My Emeralds run out fast, and I restock several times a week.
    Click below my signature for more details.
    Please check it out.
  5. Just to let you know you can't click your signature.
  6. Thanks for the info. I am listed on
  7. I was not talking to you, I was talking to nfell2009
  8. I need to update my EMCshops page because it's probably still set for my old shop. However, my current shop at 18648 on SMP9 specializes in two things: Ores and Redstone Gear.

    These are the items I do my best to keep in stock (even when I'm bought out daily by some lovely dedicated customers):

    Emerald Ore
    Emerald Blocks

    Diamond Ore
    Diamond Blocks

    Gold Ore
    Gold Ingots
    Gold Blocks

    Iron Ore
    Iron Ingots
    Iron Blocks

    Lapis Ore
    Lapis (Blue Dye)
    Lapis Blocks

    Redstone Dust
    Sticky Pistons
    Stone Plates
    Wooden Plates

    Then I do my best to stock these various items:
    Lava Buckets
    Water Buckets
    Iron Buckets
    Glass Blocks
    Glass Panes
    Ender Chests
    Eyes of Ender
    Blaze Powder

    Things I don't stock:
  9. I know im finishing out my site :p
  10. Since you probably attract alot of curious visitors, I would like to add my, pascal1881 and pietdagamers mall in it.
    Our mall is located on resnumber 9000, on SMP4.

    All our items are wellpriced, for both buyers & sellers. You will always find a good deal here. We sell (almost) every item available in legitplaying minecraft.
    We do sell enchanted items, but we don't restock that daily.
    Almost all items can be bought in bulk.
    Our store will give you fair prices no matter if you buy or sell, 9000 is the place to be.

    EDIT: I actually thought you were making a list in the OP, with the res#, smp# and a short summary. If not, this is fine aswell :)
  11. 10216, is a fairly new shopping mall on smp5, I am now doing some stocking and stuff, and I got 3 double chests of enchanted items, so I will be selling them too. ;)
  12. Cheap Items that beat the Empire Shop prices: Enchanted Items ( most expensive item is 1000r!)

    Enchanted Items:YEP!
    Bulk Items: contact me
    Or things you Specialize in: Minerals
    18144, SMP9!
  13. SMP3 6288-JimboMart

    We will sell everything EXEPT potions and enchants (once construction is done)
  14. Come Check Out 16612 on SMP8. Featuring Many enchanted Items, Various Mob Drops, and ores and minerals. Also Home of the Emerald Parthenon. Check it Out!
  15. 18240 on SMP9 has mosgt of your needs
    snow balls
    wooden doors
    villager eggs
    and more!