Shops in the wild?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by FooHundred, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. I keep seeing that more people are moving to the wild to establish towns, so i thought it would be a good idea to see if we can get shop's available to be set up in the wild.
    It would still need to cost 1000r at least to start a chest shop as it would function like a locked chest preventing people from destroying it and opening it, only problem here i can think of is the fact that prices can change (this would require a player to remove the sign meaning a loss of 500r each time ) so maybe a "lock" sign for the chest would be required and a seperate shop sign next to the lock sign to input amount, cost and item id.
    Also the 1000r initial cost would prevent everyone from selling everything and create more specialist shop's giving wild markets much more character in my opinion.
    Anyways i would very much like to hear everyone's opinion and input on this, hopefully if it is a workable idea it could be implemented in the near future and help towns in the wild be more self sufficient. :D
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  2. Very good idea!
  3. Very interesting idea for sure!
  4. 1000r is a LOT of money to put into a 1 chest shop but if u have a good idea and a lot of rupees u can do it. The only problem is the sign for the locked chest and the sign to sell with but that need permission from Justin or Jeremy to work on. But i think this is a great thing to do but remember that when ever the wild resets the chest goes with it. And i guess it would work same as locked chest can't be in periodic reset zone (150 blocks from spawn).
  5. I agree MinerNicolas, it is a lot of money but it would have to be 1000r or people would abuse it and set up shops instead of using the "lock" to safe guard items.
    Its now on Justins' "to do list", or already was so that's awesome :D
    Don't expect it anytime soon though as he said he has tons of other stuff to work on.
  6. Sell food, torches and swords. :)
  7. Yeah those would be the best sellers lol