Shops in the wild!

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Is this a good idea?

Yes, shops in the wild would be cool! 3 vote(s) 30.0%
No, I like the wild the way it is. 7 vote(s) 70.0%
  1. Combining a locked chest with a shop, giving us a shop in the wild.

    Costs the same as a locked chest
    Locks a chest
    Signs written the same as a town shop sign
    Same functionality as a town shop (buy and sell)
  2. This happen been suggested in the past and been turned down. The reason being that it would require you some kind of res out in wild or do leftside of a chest [locked] sign and right side the shop sign but anyways I would best to keep shops in town.
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  3. Dwight I agree, but disagree. I always assumed you guys were adding some kind of res in the DT update? and to solutionize the Lock on one side, shop on the other, have the shop chest lock it for 1000r and the refund for 500 after 30 seconds and have the command on the first line [lock shop] or something along those lines.
  4. I agree, except I think the sign should be written the same as a town shop sign.
  5. In DT Aikar is, anyways I'm saying of right now a shop in wild really unnessary and dangerous to some points. I can see it now

    Shop Owner sells stack of diamonds to Player A
    Seconds later Player A dies from a creeper hug
    *Shop Owner picks up loot and puts in chest to resell or let's despawn
    *Player A comes back for his stuff isn't there starts argument with shop keeper
    * Agruement continues

    You know that this would happen all the time in wild. Best to keep shops in town were its safe and can't die.
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  6. It will just to activate a wild shop it'll look like this

    first you type this into the sign when you make the shop

    [lock shop]
    Oak Log

    and it turns out like this

    Oak Log
  7. This is the part where I agree with you :D

    I was just stating it's possible, dangerous but possible
  8. Then, you get an overabusive TNT Diamond Supporter, then blow the chest up.

    *Diamond Supporter takes the Stuff*
    *Arugements Happen*
    *Someone Gets Banned*
    *Diamond Supporter Makes Money (If not banned)*
    * The Person makes ANOTHER wild shop*
    *The Diamond Supporter Does it Again*
    *Diamond Supporter makes money (Still, if he isn't banned)*
    And it goes on and on and on.
  9. If you can't do that with locked chests why would you think it would happen with wild shop chests?
  10. He just TNT griefed a players build in the wild. He's a goner
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  11. He's gonna give the stuff to another player, preferably an alt, so if he wanted to do it twice, he would be wasting 45$ Each time he does it.
  12. I agree. Period.