Shops command?

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  1. would it be possible to get a simple shops available command?
    something like /pshops?
    and it just puts up a list of players on that server with active shops? would this be too messy? (i understand that it could)

    and shop owners just type /pshop active or /pshop inactive to be placed on said list?

    and perhaps a more difficult request would be to put the more frequently shopped shops at the top or bottom of said list. ( i have no clue how monitoring transactions would go and i would concede that this idea isnt as useful as the last)

    and then of course people can still visit the shop forum sticky
  2. You could make it even more advanced with commands such as
    /pshop Cobblestone
    and it would display a list of shops that sell Cobblestone ordering them with the cheapest at the top of the list. I highly doubt this would be on Justin's to do list though! Haha
  3. That might ruin many players advertisement work. And might open chance for people with lots of resource to undercut everyone else.
  4. If you are referring to the constant bombardment in the chat, then i am ok with something that gets rid of that. Now if you are referring to the billboards and shop boards, then i wouldnt want anything to happen to them.
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  5. Justin can answer this better when he gets on, but I think this came up in the past, and at this time it wouldn't be possible, as the server doesn't keep track of all the individual player shops there are out there. The system itself already keeps track of over 1500 residences per server (which is a huge feat for any MC server out there today in itself). It having to keep track of multiple player shops within the 1500 player shops would be super taxing on the server and might cause tons of lag.

    Again, this is what I remember of the topic and Justin can verify further if that was the reason when he gets on.
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  6. The system has no idea of what shops are open and what the prices are, because all the data is stored on signs.

    One thing I am working on is a community bulletin board program. This will be the huge bulletin boards in /shop. You will be able to place one sign for an advertisement, and the last line will be the res number. Also left clicking the sign will TP you to that lot. So when say someone is looking for gold they just go to /shop and then look at the bulletin board for a shop that looks good.

    I am still working out the kinks and how to handle old signs, perhaps selling space on the board for a few rupees and it lasts for one week. I am open to suggestions :)
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  7. This could be another supporter's feature.

    A normal player would have to pay to 'rent out' the sign space where as a support could rent it out for free.
  8. Of course, aren't there hundreds of residences per server? That's alot of signs to go through just to find someone who sells the materials you want. You also couldn't just rent a space, as new shop owners might not be able to afford it while the already established shops could, keeping them on the top with this new advertising.
  9. Yeah I am not sure the best way to do it yet :) and we have over 1,500 residence per SMP server.
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  10. As brutal as it may be, that is the simple idea of a capitalist economy at its best my friend.
  11. Dark_Liz has created a forum thread titled 'Shops of the Empire'. This is a thread to advertise your shop and the products you sell, and in conjunction with the soon to be reinstalled bulletin board and chat advertising, should be more then enough to get your store known to the rest of Empire. Having a command to display the best priced shops just seems to me a bit lazy on behalf of the shop owner, and a bit unfair to players who have worked tirelessly to make their shop known, Xx_HeX_xX on smp1 for example :)
  12. Lets keep in mind my original request was a list of shop owners, ( a list that shop owners put themselves on, not an auto list) i understand that all the other options can be quite hard to work out (ie shop prices, item lists and comparisons). a simple list is what i ask, like the giant billboard like justin said might come back up. just a /pshops and you get something like

    6081 emptmynd hardware store
    5468 justinguys awesome shop
    3437 buttlick1132453435467375463 shop

    and then access to this list could be like a virtual ad board where you pay like 10 or whatever rupee per week to be on it
    chat would look like this:
    /pshop list advertise [short message/store name]
    shop 6081 emptimynd short message/store name has been added to the list
    posting expires in (7) days
    10 rupees have been deducted from your account
    your balance is 134,236,904
    and then one other command can show how many days are left before its taken down
  13. thats why i still mentioned the thread in my original post, i still check it frequently as should others for more detailed info. and this inserver command is not my intention to defeat it. as you cant put that much info into a chat screen.

    just a list guys lol
  14. i too dont want to completely eliminate on site billboards or the current form of advertising but a quick ref list cant be too bad, i personally would still go from shop to shop to check out prices and stuff anyway
  15. I think the biggest downside I can see to your proposition is that it is limited to a maximum of about 15 people at any one time. There are many more stores than that on a server. The bulletin board in the /store will hold about triple that when it is replaced and it won't be too far away. :)
  16. What I mean is if there is a command like

    Then advertisement is useless. Because the shop that sell cheapest gonna popup first. And everyone else can't sell.
    But this would definitely get rid of the chat bombardment.

    EDIT: It might cause a lot of lag too. As the system will need to scan through thousands of players shop. (I might not be correct on this. Not sure how this work.)

    Also chat bombardment should be eliminate by commandment No.5 anyway. Adertising a little in the chat would be ok. But not using capital letter or typing same advertisement too many time because that would be against No.5

    I do agree with the billboard advertisement though. both the on the players shop and the one on /shop and also the thread Dark_Liz made.