Shopper Poll...gimme your opinion!

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Which store type do you prefer to shop at?

Poll closed Feb 21, 2016.
Mega Mall 17 vote(s) 40.5%
Small Specialty Store 16 vote(s) 38.1%
Doesn't matter at all 9 vote(s) 21.4%
  1. Hi gang! Yes it's another market poll! Today we want to know....

    Do you prefer shopping in a mega mall or a specialty store?

    As a customer, wanting to by whatever it is you need, how do you feel about the shopping experience? Do you prefer buying your enchanting books from a small book store or a huge department store? (Any item for that matter, books are just an example). Assuming both versions are equally stocked, which is better?

    As always, thanks for your input! :)
  2. LOL indeed....I meant poll :p
  3. I prefer small speciality shops for two reasons.
    1. Whenever I go to big super duper huge shops, it's sort of hard to find what you're looking for, with all the isles of blocks and items and whatever.
    2. Whenever I go to a big mall, and I'm looking for a specific thing, I always end up going overboard, and buying too much stuff that I don't need that moment... :p
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  4. As I a small shop owner, I prefer small shops because mostly small shops are always in stock and prices are mostly reasonable. Also small shop owners are mostly always on there residence and I love having chats :p
  5. I personally only like to shop at places that both buy and sell prices. If they don't have both I'll leave and find another.
  6. Good point TheDarkModRises. I too prefer that.
  7. I had that going for a bit, but a player came in and filled up quite a few chests of my items. They ended up taking about 65,000r total from me. Lol I have now removed some sell signs.
  8. If it's general items, then always a mall, usually AnonReturns's one on SMP6 at +anon, but if it's a promo or an item like that then I tend to go to shops that specialize in those items, like AlexChance on SMP2 and iGTR plus xHaro_Der on SMP1, so on :)
  9. True, items like enchants, potions and promo stuff all work great for the specialty shops. If I buy cobble it generally doesn't matter.....but I wouldn't mind seeing specialty animal or flower shops etc. Might be interesting...
  10. Well you have to balance out what you want to buy. Fill in chests with dirt if you dont want to buy anymore of those items so you dont get all your rupees taken
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  11. 5 days left for the poll....gimme your 2 cents now! :p
  12. I like smaller shops because oooofff Laa-rg-g-e s--ho-ppps-wi-tt--a-al-ll t--hh-e ll-l-a-aa-ag.
    I like smaller shops because of large shops with all the lag.
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  13. Specialty shops are generally cheaper and more in stock. Despite this shavingfoam is awesome and keeps his entire mall cheap and in stock, so I go there a lot. I actually have a button teleporter in my storage room that teleports me there:p
  14. This survey lacks an option for smaller shops which sell the most common items conveniently.

    A sort of middle-ground. :p

    If you don't want the items or they sell too many then just sell them to another shop.

    You can also lower the price you pay a bit and see if they still sell. Then, you make more money. :p

    Also, pad your chests with dirt to the quantity that you reasonably would like to have in stock.
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  15. I personally don't care as long as the shop has what I'm looking for.

    However, if I like a certain shop, I'm more likely to go back to it for other things.