[ Shoppe ] Šest Wood's Shoppe

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  1. Look for the huge bonsai tree?
    Once you find the tree, push the button.

    If you are chosen, you should teleport to the Isl.

    I only sell logs ( All types ).
    Prices are reasonable, around 94 to 96 a stack.

    Shoppe is on Smp2

    Residence 3003.

    ( I don't see why i posted this, I'm guessing it was to get word out or something )
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  2. what texture pack?
    Also, we need use to use it.
  3. Everything has been fixed, so everyone is able to access the Isl.

    Sorry about that.
  4. It's a custom pack i made.
    I combined 2 packs into 1.
  5. which ones?
  6. Soartex and Flow HD
  7. Can you do custom orders? I would like to buy a DC of acacia logs.
  8. I am not doing custom orders at this moment.
    I will start sometime in the future.
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