[Shop] Ye Olde Obsidian Shoppe

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  1. Rejoice, all you prospective pigman farmers.
    I sell obsidian now. It's cool. I'll try to keep this as in-stock as possible.
    Check it out at 18926 on Smp9.

    Current Prices:
    50r per block of Obsidian.
    3200r per stack.
    86,000r per single chest.
    170,000r per double chest.

    (There are slight discounts on bulk prices. For large quantities, post below with how much you need. Maximum 2 DC per order.)

    Current Stock: Around 3 DC. Adding more tomorrow & over the holiday weekend. Much, much more!
  2. Forgot to say how much you were selling it for.
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  3. 50 per block. Just saw a DC selling for 150k+ so your price is probably reasonable. Thanks.
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  4. Updated stock and pricing. Always working on more obsidian :)
  5. Bump. Building up stock pretty quickly! Mined a whole DC and a half so far today :)
  6. Bump! Got quite a bit of this stuff now, yours for a very reasonable price.
  7. Bump. I'm working on plans to make a pretty big gold farm, so if you're putting off buying, go for it now before I burn up my own stock.