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  1. I have been across the empire world and none have glow stone. Now I'm thinking i missed a few places would any of you nice vendors happen to have glow stone I would empty my purse.
    As for quantity 8 stacks of 64 should do.

    Thank You - Fresheggs
  2. Smp1 - DarkLiz / Dark_Liz
  3. I know that 14869 on smp7 sells it, and I would assume smp2's 4005 would as well. There are many malls, but I only know the number for that one. You might also try 15500 on 7, but I'm not sure if it will be in stock.
  4. Thanks!!
  5. Try exploring different servers if you haven't. I suppose 14869, 15500, rman92011's res (Not sure of the res number :p) & hopefully 14444 when it's ready :)

    EDIT: These are all on SMP 7.
  6. Thank you
  7. I sell glowstone in 6681
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  8. Crafts... Liz hasn't been on for over 250 days.
  9. His res is still there with the shop too :)
  10. Her*
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  11. 1112 on smp1 sells it.
  12. I'm holding exploring newly generated nether area for 1.5 so I don't have to go too far for quartz, so no, it's not in stock. ;) Anyway, I would also suggest 14869. They're almost always in stock.
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  13. *His
  14. Her*
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  15. *His

    Dark_Liz was a guy...
  16. I might have some at 3026 smp2
  17. Check out 12162 and 13131 on smp6, like always instock :D
  18. 18885 on smp9 !!
  19. And you know this how? Based off of all we know, it was definitely a she.
  20. Crazy1080 , Twitch1, JustinGuy, and JackBiggin have all told me. Plus dark_liz's account was listed as a male