Shop Vouchers and %50 Off Papers

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you about something I added to the 4390 Mega Mall! Down below is all the information about the stuff I added :). I hope you like it!

    Shop Vouchers
    This is an item the allows you to add 3 items to the shop! This item is expensive to due to it's value! This item costs 10,000 rupees! But, if you've donated to the mall, you'll be able to get this item for 5,500 rupees! In the first comment, it says the donators so you'll know who donated! Although, you can only use this item in a few areas. For example, if an area is built, and it's teleport is ready, you may not add an item to that area. If it's teleport is not ready, and has no items in it, you may add items to it. This information will be in the 2nd comment. If you'd like to purchase this item, please PM HelloKittyRo to buy it.

    %50 Off Papers
    This allows you to buy an item for %50 off. But, to use it, you need to tell HelloKittyRo what item you'd like to use it for, then she'll tell you the amount, you'll pay the amount of money to her, and you'll get your item! These aren't that expensive, they're only 3,500 rupees. Though, if you've donated before, you can get these for 1,500 rupees! Information about donators is in the first comment. To purchase one of these, please PM HelloKittyRo to purchase one!

    Thank you for reading this! I hope you'd like to purchase one of these items! They could be useful whenever you need to buy something to the shop! (Or maybe if you'd like to add something!)

  2. Donators:
  3. Teleports You Can Add Items Into:
    Gems + Dyes
    Redstone and Transportation
    EMC Promos

  4. Cleaned up thread of offtopic posts regarding to reserving posts.

    Cool idea HelloKittyRo and I look forward to seeing what comes of these neat ideas.
  5. Thanks Krysyy :)