[Shop] Unix SuperStore

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  1. New Store: /server smp8 | /v +unix

    2014-05-10_21.47.30.jpg 2014-05-10_21.47.38.jpg 2014-05-10_21.47.53.jpg

    Come check it out.. /server smp8 | /v +unix
  2. My Review:

    Pretty average prices, I think a TP system would work well with the shop although it's pretty small, you do buy things which is good and some shops don't offer that, I do like the name though.
  3. Shop has had an update.
  4. Anyone looking for a mall come here!its gteat. If ur like me and at fairshop you lag bad , this is a non lag fs.surely its not as big and great as fs but its still goid!