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  1. Hello Guys :)
    THEmotionMAST3R Here
    And today I will be telling you about my future Shop
    As you can tell from the Title its just going to be a custom head shop but Heros and Villain Heads :p For example we will probably have, Harley Quinn Heads, Joker Heads, Batman Heads, Flash Heads etc
    Well pricing well be sort out later :) But it will probably go how rare that head will be.

    We are hiring people :) Pm me or Theomglover if you think you can be part of this
    Note, Heads Will be renamed
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  2. Reserved For Pricing :)
  3. Theomglover was telling me something like this before. Great Idea :D
    To bad i dont have my Joker skin anymore :( And im not changing back just for a lil bit cause i dont want my heads to change.
  4. Its a project we are working on :)
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  5. Will you guys have Marvel characters too?
  6. Yes:)
  7. I was thinking of suggesting something like this to the "decorative head crew"... I'd gladly buy the entire collection! :D you seriously have to get that shop running before Halloween, YOU HAVE TO! hehe xD you could also sell dyed leather armour to match the super hero/villain set ;)
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  8. Sure :D
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  9. I like the idea +1 and can i trade some of my heads for your heads
  10. I would like to help out the shop and when will the shop be opened
  11. Can the owner of this thread be Theomglover? :)
  12. Threads cannot be transferred that way. Just collaborate with theomglover to tell you what he wants added in the OP.

    Otherwise have this thread closed and omglover makes a whole new one copy-pasted. Downside is you lose the posts already made here along with the poll results.
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  13. Can you shut the thread please? :)

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