Shop that sells for cheap prices

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  1. Are you looking to buy items for a low price? Well, look no further. Come to survival server 5 and type in the chat, /v ElZoovier, for a shop that sells items for an outrageously low price. Visit ElZoovier's shop today. Prices so low, you'll cringe!
  2. If the prices are 'so low', how are you planning to keep it in stock and prevent people from just buying everything as soon as you restock it? The sales model of being insanely cheap are not sustainable unless you just want to get rid of the current inventory and then bail on the shop.
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  3. The prices are low because there's barely anyone who'll come along anyways.
  4. its closed?
  5. Grand opening is happening right now!
  6. That's what you think. The second you start selling diamonds for 90r you'll go from nothing to something real quick :p
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  7. Thanks for the suggestion!