[Shop] Temporary Shop 621 SMP1 Promo and Rares

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  1. 621 on SMP1 is now a temporary shop because I am trying to get rid of some rares and promos :D I have the cheapest prices for these rares and promos in EMC.

    Format for Inventory Form

    Stable Voucher - 9500r
    EMC Firework I-Day 2013 - 12000r
    EMC Firework 2012 - 39000
    Haunted Head - 9000
    UNSPAWNED Incitatus - 19500

    Ore Buster
    Turkey Slicer - ASK ME :D
    Promo Instructions - ASK ME :D

    Simply said,

  2. Tell us your prices?
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  3. First post updated to include items and prices :D
  4. Updated prices and added slicer