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  1. Hello Everyone!

    Check out my enchanted book shop! It is conveniently located by two other
    shops, keeping the products you need close, eliminating the need to go searching
    for everything you want! My shop offers only what I consider (My Opinion) the
    most useful and popular enchanted books. All books are offered only at the highest
    levels for your satisfaction. The prices are reasonable and worth it as it takes time
    to gather these books. I compete with all other shops and try to keep my prices
    lower than the competition. My shop also includes a top level enchanting
    table free for anyone to use with the option to buy books and XP bottles. In the buying area
    there are free anvils for anyone to use. I have a section for people looking to sell there
    enchantments also. I try to keep my buy prices fair but I have to make a profit.
    Lastly, my shop offers what I call the "Discount Chest". For just 250r you can
    get a random enchantment. These enchants are all high level but less popular
    enchants that I don't include in my shop.

    NOTE: Enchants are hard to gather so expect ALL enchantments to be limited!

    What I offer: Books, XP Bottles, Unbreaking III, Protection IV, Fortune III,
    Looting III, Efficiency V, Sharpness V, Silktouch I, Random Discount Enchants,
    Public Table/Anvil, and Potions

    What I buy: Unbreaking III, Protection IV, Fortune III,
    Looting III, Efficiency V, Sharpness V, and Silktouch I

    I buy only when I need stock!


  2. Poppin, I visited it the other day!
    Love the random chest too!
  3. Everything has been restocked. I try to keep a little stocked at a time so all customers
    get a chance. If you get on at night and its out of stock check during the day. Oh and
    I have a new addition, Infinity I! Enjoy!
  4. Prices reduced on Infinity I!
  5. I love the shop but i have to say it is quite expensive. Its 2800r for an unbreaking 3 book, which usually go for 1500. I understand you are trying to make money but they are very expensive
  6. My books aren't the cheapest, that I understand. I can't compete with everyone's prices because we all have our different methods and abilities when it comes to getting the product. On most occasions I have seen it going for around 500 to even 1000 more then I charge. That being said, some of us are cheap some of us are expensive. I work hard and try to always keep stock and for that I think I should make it worth it for myself. Plus if I jack my prices super low then I have to pay my suppliers even lower which makes them feel low balled. So owning a shop to me is a balancing act. You can't make everyone happy. Besides my Unbreaking sellout all the time. =)

    Thanks for your input!
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  7. Shop renovated! I wanted something a little better looking. Plus no one used the buttons so I removed them. Oh and I left the beacon exposed for all you people who like hopping around on stuff. XD

    As for a select few not liking my prices, again I apologize for the inconvenience. I know I am not the cheapest. Most of the shops you see selling enchants cheap can hardly hold stock because they are so cheap. Not to mention they get bought out by the bigger shops. So I would rather be the guy who is a little more expensive so I can ALMOST always guarantee to have stock. Your paying the premium in knowing that you can always count on my shop. If I make low or no money I wouldn't be able to keep product. Then where would I be? Shopless? Its not rocket science. With that being said I AM NOT the most expensive by any means. I have seen many enchants going from 3k-5k. Not to mention for every ONE person complaining about my prices I have TEN who buy them like candy!

    Thanks for the support and enjoy! =)
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  8. Thanks for your donations Casey, Highlancer, and PortalShoo2er!
    If anyone else would like to donate, weather it be books or rupees, let me know!
    I put a sign with your name on it and how much you donated.

    Everything is in stock!
  9. Everything is in stock and ready for sale! Good prices! Always stocked!

    NEWS: I am working on adding the top 4 potions to the shop.

    Strength Potion
    Instant Health
    Fire Resist

    So check in from time to time they will be up soon!
  10. You right about your prices, people got to understand how much time and work it takes to make and sell those items. I have some crazy priced items and I make low prices only because I'm overstocked with that item, but once I'm no longer overstocked, I return the prices back to normal, which freak people out some times. I just say "The Supply and Demand Rule" takes affect when it is needed. I supply and you demand, it may be a higher price than what you wanted, but at least I supplied it. :D
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  11. Exactly! Thanks for the great comment! Just wish others would understand this. It takes hard work making the books since the enchant table is random. Lots of hassle and negotiation buying them from suppliers. I don't even bother messing with the villagers. Not to mention when I bulk buy I spend lots of money on items that don't sell super fast. I think you have two shops, the budget shop that hardly keeps stock and the pricey shop who gets you exactly what you want when you want it most of the time. I like to be in the middle ground because I have seen people way higher than me.

    Anyway again thanks for the comment! Hope you have the best of luck with your shop!
  12. Everything is in stock! Sorry for the delay on the potions!
    I want to get stock up a little before selling. Today was a busy
    day for me so I didn't get much done.

    Thanks for all the support and much love to all my regular customers!
  13. Potions are now in the shop and ready to buy! Sorry for the delay I had to make them. Please keep in mind stocks will be very limited because my main focus is still on enchanted books. Potions are just a little hobby to make a little extra on the side. Anyway as always EVERYTHING is in stock and ready to go so enjoy!