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What Is ya fav Iron thing?

Iron Ingot 4 vote(s) 11.1%
Iron Block 16 vote(s) 44.4%
Iron Ore 1 vote(s) 2.8%
Iron Armour 1 vote(s) 2.8%
Iron Tools 1 vote(s) 2.8%
EVERYTHING! 13 vote(s) 36.1%
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  1. Iron.Co
    /v IronDoesPvp or /v +fe

    Hello, if you dont know me I am IronDoesPvp, seller of everything Iron. This thread is about my Iron Shop that will open very soon. I have been working on this shop for a very long time ( 2 months ). I am willing to let my Iron loose to the people of EMC. Now you are wondering how I get my Iron, so.. I have been afking at a smp5 Iron Farm for very long and I also mine Iron :p. At the moment I have 3 helpers, Gameboy999, FlaminAmazin and THEmotoinMAST3R ( dont worry they will get paid even )and without them, they have helped me open the shop and make this thread.

    Iron Ingot: 2r
    Iron Block: 18r
    Iron Ore: 2r
    (more coming soon)

    Iron Ingot: 1
    Iron Block: 17r
    Iron Ore: 1r
    (more coming soon)

    Bulk buy is limited to 5 stacks a day

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  2. cant wait
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  3. I think iron ingots should be half the price for an exclusive iron shop
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  4. Would u mind if I bought your whole shop ( the iron) ?
  5. How many block of iron u have?
  6. Lets just say alot
  7. Are we talking one DC or 25?
  8. New res tag /v +fe
    Thanks to WyntyrRaevyn ;)
  9. Ready to be bought? (Raided)
  10. 5r per ingot is quite expensive. Most shops meant to sell in bulk for iron would be 2-3r.
  11. I talked to iron ingame. He said it'll be 2r an ingot
  12. Then you might want to update the OP..

    I'm not going to stalk you in game to see and I don't have all day to read all replies to everything. The OP should always have the updated information.
  13. Im looking forward to a bulk iron shop... however you updated the OP stating that iron is 2r an ingot... but it still states that iron blocks are 45r each. Now, im no mathematical prodigy but... that dont add up :p. Im kidding of course but you should update that price as well.

    Cannot wait to buy all your iron. :)
  14. WOW this is awesome can't wait till this cool new shop comes out!
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  15. :p
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  16. Since I wont be on when the Shop Opens..... Let it open right NOW!
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  17. Bump the shop will be closed for 10 hours because of things :p
  18. Bump and shop is now open
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