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Like the shop, en so not what i need to chaince.

Jes, i like the shop. 1 vote(s) 50.0%
No, i dont like the shop. 1 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. Hello people.
    I made a shop on SMP4 on Residence 9168.
    I sells all kind of stones, wood logs, garden stuff, ores en wool.
    You can olso sells your own stuff to my shop.

    You dont have to donate but if you want i woud like it verry much.
    My shop is not builded for making big provit but for my fun en for you.

    There is olso a wale whit Tips for you how to make a shop en nice Residence.

    I hope to see you.
    Goodbye marijn2552 SMP4-9168
  2. Please change the colour i cant read it
  3. Images are broken for me.
    Please change the blue color to white or some other color becase its hurts my eyes.
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  4. Like others have somewhat said, that blue hurts most peoples eyes, so a change would be great:) I suggest uploading the pictures directly, instead of using a host site:)
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  5. I chaince the text in white but this is one of my first forums.
    I dont know how to make the pictures, hopefull can some help me.

    Dont make spam but go to the shop en buy stuff.

    Goodbye marijn2552
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